RSCEmulation has just released P2P! We are still working on ironing out some bugs, but for the most part is fully playable.

To play, please use the Client Loader, located here.

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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Below is a list of changes made live today (10/19/2014):

- Accessing level 48 and above wilderness is now achievable by the gates in said level.
- Fixes to other gates which prevented access to certain areas has been fixed.
- Dueling has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Trading P2P items has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Picking up P2P items has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Buying / Selling P2P items to shops has been made available to non-subscribers.

Keep in mind, acecss to P2P areas is still restricted to subscribers only.


Views: 375 Replies: 9 Posted by: Pyru 19/Oct/2014

Greetings Folks,

Few more updates for you:
-All dragons now drop complete and appropriate drops.
-Two black dragons are spawning where they are supposed to in Taverly.
-Access to King Black Dragon via the switch under the lesser cage has been opened up.
-Other high level npcs now drop appropriate drops.
-Teleport spells have been fixed and enabled.

A side note: Tonight's race had an excellent outcome, more events to follow, click here for the latest updates on upcoming events.

Very respectfully,

Views: 240 Replies: 7 Posted by: Drax 19/Oct/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Just a minor list of changes / updates made as of today:

- Dragons now drop dragon bones (with the exception of baby red dragons, and baby blue dragons).
- Access to the members area under Edgeville is now accessible.
- Access to the white berry spawn, and dragons is now accessible.

Best Regards,

Views: 254 Replies: 9 Posted by: Pyru 18/Oct/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

So, after modifying the drop tables, the server apparently did not want to accept those changes indicating there is either an issue with the tool or an issue with the database. Until then, dragon drops will be null. Sorry for the inconvenience, we're looking into getting this sorted immediately.

EDIT: The event will be rescheduled for 20:00 PST/Server Time tomorrow, 10/18/2014. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully, this time is a little better for some.

Very respectfully,
RSCEmulation Staff

Views: 206 Replies: 3 Posted by: Drax 18/Oct/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I wanted to alert you to an upcoming event scheduled for tonight, 22:00 Server time/Pacific Standard Time. The event will be a race that all levels can participate in, subscribed or not. There is no cost for entry, just be on time. The event starting location will be in Lumbridge, so be prepared, standing by in Lumbridge castle courtyard ready to go. I will give a briefing in regards to the details of the race. I will only provide this information once, so you will have to be on time at 22:00 PST to hear it. This is one of many events like it to come, for more information on the reason behind why I am doing these events and for earlier notice of when these events will occur check out the following link:

The prize for this event will be a cool 1 million gp. The perfect amount for any player on this server to either add to their enormous cash stack or get started on some gear for skilling, training, or pking. Anyone interested in donating in-game currency for these events is encouraged to private message me via the forums.

I look forward to seeing you there.

EDIT: There is no level requirement but a higher level may help you. I also recommend having about 100gp in your inventory for things like tariffs and purchasing cheap things from stores.

Very respectfully,

Views: 271 Replies: 5 Posted by: Drax 17/Oct/2014

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