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Should we add back the 10 second "stand still" rule to the wilderness prior to logging out?

Yes, add the stand still for 10 seconds in the wilderness to log.

No, allow us to log instantly from our attackers in the wilderness.


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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I have resolved the issues with our web client. To anyone that prefers to play on our web client, please use the following steps, to get it functioning properly on your system:

1.) Open your Java control panel, and select the "Security" tab.
2.) Click "Edit Site List" near the bottom right.
3.) Add "", click "Apply", then "Ok".
4.) Under the "Game" tab, select "Web Client" (You can also manually visit
5.) When prompted, please click select "I understand the risks" and "Add Exception".
6.) There will be a pop up notifying you of the validity for the SSL certificate, click "Continue".

The client should load as normal if these steps are followed correctly.

Best Regards,

Views: 165 Replies: 2 Posted by: Pyru 14/Dec/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We are pleased to announce the release of the following updates / changes, made live 12/12/2014.

Client Loader:

We have released a new Client Loader, which should make it easier to run the client, and keep up-to-date with the latest news & announcements. In order to play, you will need to use the new Client Loader to update your client to the latest version.


- The character hub has been slightly modified, now shows your characters avatar, and subscription information.
- The highscores page has been revamped.


- "Block public messages" has been corrected to say "Block private messages".
- Items should now display the proper buy/sell amounts to shops.
- Removed custom NPC's from the server / client that were non-existant in the original RuneScape Classic.
- Resizing your client now works properly.


- Dragon Slayer quest now functions properly.
- You can now use hammocks to rest / reset fatigue.
- The two staircases located in the temple dugeon, northeast of Ardougne have been fixed, and now function correctly.
- Black battle axes have been added to the axe shop located in Port Sarim.
- The ladder down to where you obtain the draman staff (Entrana) has been fixed to block access if you have any violent weapons in your inventory.
- The Ardougne lever now requires you to be a subscriber to use, in addiditon you must be out of combat, and standing still for 15 seconds.
- The Monk Of Entrana NPC's now do an extra search, to prevent the ability of bringing weapons to Entrana.
- Super Attack, Defense, and Strength potions now function properly in "P2P" wilderness (Level 48 and above).
- You must stand still for 10 seconds prior to being able to log out in the wilderness.


We have ... [ Read More ]

Views: 1398 Replies: 41 Posted by: Pyru 12/Dec/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We would like to welcome the newest member to our staff team "Mod Mikko".


Views: 935 Replies: 38 Posted by: Pyru 08/Dec/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Pyru and myself have spent several hours today hashing out the bugs that plagued the Dragon Slayer quest. We believe we now have the quest fully operational and free of all issues. The boat is fully functional and so is Melzar's maze. If you were mid quest before, you should still be able to complete the quest.

As always if you encounter any bugs, glitches, issues, or discrepancies from RSC while playing (in particular, this quest) please let us know immediately.

Very Respectfully,

EDIT: Additionally, you can no longer use the fishing rod to pick up the map piece from wormbrain, thus requiring you to have 33 magic or 31 magic with wizard's mind bomb. This quest will also be a requirement to wear rune platemail body armor.

Views: 1019 Replies: 36 Posted by: Drax 04/Dec/2014

Hello RSCE,

We are working on an array of updates for the website that you will like.

- The latest update is the ability to see when your subscription expires. Head over to character hub to check the status.
- Removed runecrafting stat from highscores
- Added "Last login" per character on highscores

We have some cool player stats in the works for you all too.

Post replies below if you have any cool suggestions / bugs that are WEB related.

Thanks for being loyal patrons,

Views: 655 Replies: 19 Posted by: krv 02/Dec/2014

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