Halloween Drops Today 10/30/2014 and Tomorrow (Halloween).

To play, please use the Client Loader, located here.

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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We would like to thank you all who participated in the Halloween drop events. Below, is a detailed list of what was dropped, and the count remaining.

- 33 Green Halloween Masks.
- 32 Red Halloween Masks.
- 32 Blue Halloween Masks.
- 29 Pumpkins (Someone must have eaten one).
- 32 Scythes

Thank you all once again, and have a safe, and Happy Halloween.


Views: 344 Replies: 26 Posted by: Pyru Yesterday

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I am very pleased to announce the growth in activity over the past few days, with the help of the double experience event, and advertising. We would like to express our appreciation to the community, for partaking in the latest surveys, events, and continuing to make RSCEmulation your number one RuneScape Classic server.

Woohoo to 155 online!


RSCEmulation Staff Team

Views: 681 Replies: 31 Posted by: Pyru 27/Oct/2014

Event Weekend (Sunday and Monday)

Melee Combat Experience:
- 16x subscribed while in wilderness
- 15x not subscribed while in wilderness
- 11x subscribed outside of wilderness
- 10x not subscribed outside of wilderness

Other skills:
- 7x subscribed
- 6x subscribed


New Normal Rates (Starting Tuesday)

Melee Combat Experience:
- 11x subscribed while in wilderness
- 10x not subscribed while in wilderness
- 5.5x subscribed outside of wilderness
- 5x not subscribed outside of wilderness

Other skills:
- 3.5x subscribed
- 3x not subscribed

Views: 355 Replies: 1 Posted by: Drax 26/Oct/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I have some fantastic news for you. So in the best interest of RSCEmulation and after some consulting with the community, the following changes are going to be made.

Server Future Updates:

-Air runes will be doubled in the shops to support pking.
-Air rune drops will be slightly increased to support pking.
-Combat melee experience rates will be doubled while in wilderness, to support getting started and pking.
-V1 will close down permanently. There will no longer be references to replica or V1, just RSCEmulation. This is so we can focus all energy to make one server the best we can.

Portals will be reintroduced but under the follow circumstances:

-3,000gp surcharge for use for non-subscribers
-Only to Edgeville, Draynor, Varrock, Catherby, Yanille, and Ardougne. There will be a portal in Lumbridge for teleporting away.
-Subscribers will still only be able to access subscriber areas to include those portal locations.

Holiday Updates:

-We will be hosting double experience starting tomorrow, Sunday 00:00 through Monday 23:59 server time.
-Halloween mask drops will work as follows, all players online will be summoned to one location. At that location, several masks (number to be determined) will be spawned beneath the feet of the players summoned. Only one color will be spawned per summoning.

Happy Halloween!

Very respectfully,
RSCEmulation Staff

Views: 1355 Replies: 54 Posted by: Drax 26/Oct/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Below is a list of changes made live today (10/19/2014):

- Accessing level 48 and above wilderness is now achievable by the gates in said level.
- Fixes to other gates which prevented access to certain areas has been fixed.
- Dueling has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Trading P2P items has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Picking up P2P items has been made available to non-subscribers.
- Buying / Selling P2P items to shops has been made available to non-subscribers.

Keep in mind, acecss to P2P areas is still restricted to subscribers only.


Views: 493 Replies: 9 Posted by: Pyru 19/Oct/2014

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