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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Just a minor fix to the "character hub", you can now change your character(s) password without having your "current" password. A design flaw prevented users who forgot their original password, the ability to change their password.


Views: 133 Replies: 6 Posted by: Pyru Yesterday

Greetings Once Again,

We are in the process of promoting three new Player Moderators: Mod Walden, Mod Lynx, and Mod Botbust.

Please give them a warm welcome and show them respect if approached in game. Their responsibilities include being professional, responding to requests for help or assistance, and banning third party client users. As always, if you need to get in contact with a Player Moderator, please private message them via the forums.

RSCEmulation Staff

Views: 481 Replies: 21 Posted by: Drax 23/Aug/2014

Greetings Devout Patrons,

An issue recently came up regarding the new "no sharing" rule. I want to expand on this rule and explain something. The intent of this rule was to ensure that no player gains an advantage over another player via levels/new skills on a character they had not earned by themselves.

With that said, this is going to now apply to characters that are "given", "purchased", or "transferred" over to another player. This is because the same concept exists. It presents an unfair advantage regardless of the fact that "everyone could do it if they so choose to". We don't operate in that way. The creator of a forum account and it's character(s) will remain the original owner, regardless of any binding or non-binding promises of transfer or sale organized between the creator and the benefiting party. This rule will be enacted as of this date and will apply to any new transfers of ownership and obviously any characters created after this date, 08/23/2014.

Very respectfully,
RSCEmulation Staff

The rules published on the forums will be adjusted to reflect the above statement within the next couple days.

Views: 579 Replies: 31 Posted by: Drax 23/Aug/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I understand the forums are a board to discuss certain topics, but it has come to my attention that a good percentage of the posts have been negative, spam, flame, and outright needless posts. I will be enforcing forum bans for people who consistently post such things starting from now on. That doesn't mean you can't post, it just means limit the amount of needless posts. There has been a reiteration of posts that have already been answered and / or addressed.

This was intended as a fresh start, not a board to fill up with garbage. Please respect that I have put a lot of time, effort, and money in to this project. I understand some aspects are not going as quickly as you wish, but I am not ignorant to the facts, I am trying to fix certain things as quickly as possible, and priority right now is the bot situation.

Thank you all,

Views: 695 Replies: 27 Posted by: Pyru 19/Aug/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The most recent update allows users to type ::online, and see a list of all users currently online in-game, and if they're in the wilderness or not. This update is experimental, and may not stay, depending on the input of the community. Please note, when initially typing ::online, you may have to scroll to the top using the scrollbar (the list may appear empty).


Views: 499 Replies: 20 Posted by: Pyru 18/Aug/2014

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